The OLCA Coaching Scholarship Program

The OLCA Coaching Scholarship program is solely driven by our desire to see the Coaching profession thrive in Africa. The promises of this beautiful continent are trapped within the minds of her many citizens – some of which have mountains of challenges (natural, situational and societal) to deal with. With this program we commit as an organisation to the realization and engagement of these potentials. Our goal is to create a critical mass of Coaching, Psychology and Behaviour Change professionals that are completely equipped with the tools, methodologies and skill-set to not just be the very best at what they do and take charge of their lives but to also help the many others go from dysfunction through functional to optimal.
Our mandate is the liberation of minds, hearts and lives and this program is one of the ways we deliver upon that mandate.Do you desire to join the league of Life Coaches, Psychologists and Behavioural Change Professionals, to be equipped with the tools for helping others be the best version of themselves? If this resonates with you, then the OLCA Coaching Scholarship Program is for you.
Program Duration:

15 Months (3 months training showing commitment to learning and 12 months as a Life Coach on CoachME platform).
At the end of the 3 months training every student MUST deliver a project/research that is coaching related             

Selected candidates would qualify for all of the Level 1 Academy Courses at OLCA. Some of these courses include:
1. Life Coaching Certification Course
2. Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT (Level 1)
3. Neuro- Linguistic Programming - NLP (Level 1)
4. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Masterclass
5. Use of profiling Tools
These Level 1 Coach Training and Certification period will be spread over the first entire year
Selected candidates will also enjoy added benefits of:
1. Membership with the Life Coaches Association of Nigeria (LCAN)
2. Being supervised by practicing professional coaches
3. Getting hands of knowledge on thriving in the coaching industry

Qualification for this program is solely on merit and except in specifically mentioned cases; application is opened to everyone who meets the qualification criteria.
                                                                                CRITERIA FOR QUALIFYING FOR THE PROGRAM
To qualify for this program,Applicant should:
1. Demonstrate passion for coaching and helping people to be better in every ramification of their lives. (Having proven records of community work and testimonials would be an added advantage).
2. Have Good Oratory skills.
3. Possess a minimum of OND or equivalent (a degree in Counselling or Psychology would be an added advantage to applicant )
4. Provide 2 referees (referrals from coaches and people in notable people in business would lend an added advantage to applicant).

*If you know you can afford to pay please don’t apply and block someone who truly needs the scholarship as we have ONLY 10 spaces in this class *Terms and conditions apply
To apply, complete the Application Form